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Despite what you read, there is actually no right or wrong way order your skin care routine… But there are a couple guidelines that work to get the most out your skin care. So, whether you’re a wash and go kinda human or a skincare maximalist, keep reading for our suggestions!








First, A Little Background...

We get a lot of questions about skin care routines and the best way to use our serums. Which we love! Get in touch here if you have any questions...

The thing is, skin care is personal so the routine and order of skin care that works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else. Trust us, we’ve tried.

This is why we designed each of the serums to suit a particular skin type or concern. It’s a much more personalized approach. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, check this out!

Then, we sourced the highest quality active ingredients, adding only what we needed to each formula. For more on how we source ingredients, head this way.

Lastly, we made sure they can mix and match and layer with each other, AND whatever else is in your routine.

In fact, one of the reasons we chose an oil-based serum at all is because this is the step that is often forgotten or ignored but can make all the difference.

We’ve all been told to stay away from oil, especially if we have acne or breakout prone skin. But oils have so much to give because they’re chock full of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that skin needs to function at its best.

With this in mind, our botanical serums can be used in any routine, whether it’s two steps or fifteen so there just isn’t one way to use them. #justsaying

But we digress. There are so many ways to use and order your skin care products in a routine, especially something as versatile as an oil-based serum. So if you're curious about how to order your skincare products in a routine, here are some of our favourite ways:

Ordering the most minimalist of skin care routines

Original Human has some beginnings in the minimalist movement and we share a lot of the same values. Things like quality over quantity, items we use should spark joy and add value, and sometimes less is more. (Also, perfect skin is a myth but perfectly healthy skin isn’t, and there is no one beauty ideal but you can read more on what we stand for in here.)

Less is more is definitely the case when looking at the ingredient list of each our serums. We wanted to create high-impact active formulas that are used by the most sensitive of skin.

We also wanted to make sure they could still fit it in the most minimalist of routines so they can give the skin of every type exactly what’s missing and nothing it doesn’t need.

Step 1. Make sure you start with clean skin, leaving it slightly damp after cleansing.

Step 2. Take a few drops of your favourite Original Human serum and pat and press into your skin.

You’re now ready for SPF if it’s morning, or add a couple more drops to really plump things up if you’re heading for bed.

By leaving your skin damp before pressing the serum into your skin, you’re sealing in some of the hydration (water) after cleansing. This makes all the difference!

For dry skin it’s a no-brainer but it’s also important if you’re prone to breakouts. Breakouts can happen when your skin is too dry or dehydrated and needs water since your skin is more prone to inflammation and infection.

You love your routine, but time is precious...

If you have a longer routine, the trick is to layer your products in order of lightest to heaviest, so water-based before oil-based.

Step 1. Start with clean skin.

Step 2. Layer on your toners or water-based serums aimed at hydration (anything with hyaluronic acid, for example).

Step 3. Take a few drops of your favourite Original Human serum or other oil-based serums and press into your skin.

Step 4. Optional… Seal everything in with a thicker moisturizer, balm or overnight mask.

By ordering your skin care like this, you’re giving everything a chance to sink in before adding another layer.

To throw a spanner in the works though, we do sometimes mix it up a little. Or, like a lot. Don't be afraid to play around and add more layers to your routine.

For example, use a toner after cleansing, press a few drops of your Original Human serum into the skin, then use any water based serums like hyaluronic acid or a retinol at night and wait a couple minutes.

Then spritz with toner again and then add another layer of your Original Human serum. If it’s winter, think about adding one last layer of a thick moisturizer or balm and then SPF or bed.

This oil-water sandwich has made a huge difference in some reactive, acne-prone but super dry skin (... thanks Caroline Hirons). So if this sounds like you, try it and say 👋 to flakes, rougher texture and most breakouts.

When the skin care routine addiction is real...

If you’re in love with all things skin care and have a routine that shows it, you probably have an idea of how to order your routine. But, here’s the skin care routine and order guidelines we would suggest…

Step 1. Start with clean skin. Obvs.

Step 2. Layer on your exfoliating toners, hydrating toners, essences (as many skins as you need) and water-based serums.

Step 3. Take a few drops of your favourite Original Human serum and pat and press into your skin.

Step 4. Mask if applicable, then remove and pat the remainder into your skin.

Step 5. Seal everything in with a thicker moisturizer, balm or overnight mask if needed.


In closing, a word of caution. Take the time to understand your skin and how your skin care routine and order of products affect it. Some reactions are immediate, but others can take days or weeks to show and if you’ve made too many changes in that time, it can be tough to know what the culprit is.

This is why we’re big fans of embracing your original human status in skin care, finding what works and then being consistent.

Your skin care products are generally more flexible than most realize though... the order of your products and how you layer your routine can also change depending on your needs and the time of year.

Don't be afraid to mix things up and experiment to find the best order of products in your skin care routine! Be original 😘

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We’d love to know! How do you put your skin care routine in order?

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