The Benefits of Face Massage and How To Do It

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Facial massage is the darling of the #selfcare world, mentioned in hushed tones by those who seem to have all the time in the world for endless candlelit baths filled with flowers.

And these people are right! Keep reading to see why.

(Disclaimer: At least when it comes to the benefits of facial massage… undecided on the flowers in bath scenario.)

The Benefits of Face Massage

It’s easy to see why face massage is mentioned so much. Similar to regular massage, facial massage improves mental health and helps keep stress and anxiety at bay. Many turn to it as a form of meditation, either in the morning or as a way to wind down after a long day.

Regular facial massage also means better physical health, including increased blood and oxygen flow to support collagen production. This means we look less old, as collagen production slows as we get older.

It also helps lift and sculpt your facial muscles, drains away fluid and puffiness, and releases tension. Over time, facial massage can also help keep skin clear, wrinkles at bay and add a glow or radiance to your skin.

To top if off, it’s very easy to add into your routine, whether you have 60 seconds or 60 minutes!

Practiced regularly, a couple key facial movements help you get the most out of your skin care routine for healthy, glowing skin. We’re all in for that.

Ok, but how? Facial Massage 101

There are a million different tools for facial massage, with jade rollers, gua sha and facial cupping tools being among the most popular. It can get a bit overwhelming

But, you really just need your hands, a good technique and a good oil (*ahem… here.) to give the skin some slip before you dive in.

The idea isn’t to pull on the skin but gently glide over it, moving it without pulling. Also, while there are tons of techniques and movements to use, a good guideline is to lift the skin up and outwards. Gravity does enough in the other direction…

The hands are yours, and you can find the oil here but to help with the techniques these are our favourites, courtesy of Abigail James and Lisa Eldridge.


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Do you massage your face regularly? Have you noticed any benefits?

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